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Leaving a Legacy

We are a commercial real estate syndication firm working to empower passive investors to leave a legacy for future generations. Choosing to invest alongside us is choosing to be part of something special.  With our unique focus on the “Barefoot Investor Lifestyle,” our mission is to create opportunities for families to spend more time together enjoying the “barefoot” activities they love while maintaining and growing their wealth for generations to come. True prosperity was not about accumulating riches for oneself but about creating a legacy that will benefit our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.  Our wealth isn't just money; it's the values we hold dear, the principles that guided us, and the knowledge we pass on.

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Founder's Story

As the Founder and CEO of Direct Source Wealth, Kira Golden has built a remarkable diverse knowledge base and extensive experience in real estate, financial advisory services, mortgage lending, and alternative asset investments; Kira has established herself as a trusted expert and leader in the industry.
With a triple major degree obtained in just 3.5 years, Kira's educational foundation laid the groundwork for her successful career. She further enhanced her skills by investing in international real estate and obtaining her securities license as a Financial Advisor. These experiences solidified her commitment to authentic client care and fueled her passion for creating a business model that prioritizes the client's best interests.

Honoring this commitment, Kira’s investment thesis is built on three foundational pillars serving as her internal compass: She believes that investing in what we know and understand is what makes an investment safe; she places great importance on investing with people who genuinely care and are highly competent; and lastly, Kira understands the importance of diversification as a risk management strategy. By adhering to these pillars, Kira creates a safe and prosperous investment environment for her clients.


Kira's journey is driven by her commitment to authenticity, earning her the nickname "the Barefoot Investor" due to her practice of frequently walking barefoot, symbolizing her belief in treading on "holy ground." With her tenacity, creativity, and unwavering commitment to her clients, Kira continues to make a significant impact in the financial industry while inspiring others to embrace authenticity in their endeavors.

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