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The Legacy Method

Building Generational Wealth

In the intricate landscape of real estate investing, many newcomers aim to transition from their professional careers to active real estate roles. However, at Direct Source Wealth, our approach is distinctively different. We're not targeting those looking to swap their day jobs for real estate tasks. Instead, our focus is on holistic transformation.

The Legacy Method is more than just a real estate strategy; it's a transformative approach to wealth generation. Direct Source Wealth focuses on equipping investors with the tools, strategies, and mindset needed for a comprehensive wealth journey that spans generations.


Understanding the Legacy Method

The Legacy Method guides investors through three pivotal stages:

  1. Wealth Creation: This involves transitioning from active income, earned through time and effort, to passive income, generated through a return on capital.

  2. Wealth Building: Here, investors balance active and passive income sources, laying the foundation for genuine wealth.

  3. Wealth Compounding: At this stage, investors achieve financial freedom, where active income becomes optional, and passion projects drive them.


A scripture aptly describes this journey: building your wealth on a solid foundation rather than on shifting sand. This underscores the importance of a robust mindset. In this context, money is not merely a tangible asset but a reflection of one's mentality and approach.

Navigating the Stages with Direct Source Wealth's Strategies

The progression through these stages is facilitated by employing specific strategies. Direct Source Wealth has curated a suite of tactics and strategies tailored for this journey. These include, but are not limited to, our 500/200 strategy, high income strategy, tax strategy, and our "Subject To" strategy. While these strategies are applicable at each stage, their proportion and emphasis might vary. The overarching goal is to empower investors not only to manage their investments but also to build and oversee a team that aids in this journey.


Direct Source Wealth's Distinctive Approach

What sets Direct Source Wealth apart is our emphasis on empowering investors. Our objective isn't to transform you into an active real estate investor. Instead, we aim to help you retire from your traditional job and assist you in building a robust system and team. This team is designed for wealth creation, building, and compounding, benefiting multiple generations.

Most platforms emphasize the tactical aspects of real estate. However, there's a glaring gap: the lack of focus on asset management and wealth management. We address this void, offering guidance on both fronts, ensuring that investors are not only generating wealth but also effectively managing and growing it.

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